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The Hypixel Network has 3 main staff ranks: Administrators, Moderators, and Helpers. The Administrators are the highest staff rank, after the owner rank. Administrators on the network are typically developers that may have specific jobs such as website developer, pocket edition developer, systems developer, or game developer. There are also other roles such as Staff Manager, or Art Designer. All developers on Hypixel are paid members. The developer team works similarly to that of Steam and the developers work on something they want to do, it is not necessarily assigned to them.

Current Administrators Edit

  • AgentK (Systems Developer)
  • codename_b (Game Developer)
  • CryptKeeper (Systems Developer)
  • ctd (Game Developer)
  • DeprecatedNether (Game Developer)
  • Dr. Artist (Designer)
  • Hcherndon (Systems Developer)
  • Hypixel (Owner)
  • JamieTheGeek (Staff Manager)
  • Jayavarmen (Game Developer)
  • LyallPD (Store Manager)
  • mooTV (Content Manager)
  • PixelBaker (Server Manager)
  • Plancke (Game Developer)
  • PxlPanda (Site Developer)
  • Rezzus (Owner)
  • Rogue (Game Developer)
  • Silky (Game Developer)
  • Sphax (Creative Designer)
  • Thorlon (Systems Developer)
  • tomcatEvE (Staff Manager)
  • NoxyD (Server Manager)
  • Xael (Designer)
  • Zanflango (Game Developer)
  • ZeroErrors (Java Developer)
  • Zumulus (Game Developer)
  • oBuckWild(Plugin Developer)
  • Dctr (Game/System Developer)
  • TreeOfWizdom
  • Deathstrafe (BSG Owner)
  • OrangeMarshall (Java Developer)
  • LuckyKessie (Staff Manager)
  • Roddan
  • Nitroholic_ (Game Developer)
  • Tactful (Build Manager/Game Developer)
  • Vinny8Ball (Build Manager)
  • LegitModern (Language/Systems Manager)
  • darkaceness (Build/Map Manager)

Former Administrators Edit

  • Amico (Game Developer?) - Stepped down to become an ICT teacher in a secondary school - Liverpool.
  • Minikloon (Game Developer?) - Stepped down for unknown reason.
  • Neonmaster (Game Developer?) - Forced to resign
  • Kevinkool (Head of Staff) - Forced to resign due to child molestation allegations

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