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Berserker(Warrior) Edit

  • Health: 5000
  • Energy: 100
  • Energy Regen: +10/sec
  • Energy On-Hit: +10
  • Damage: +10%

The Berserker is a very strong offensive class, and a master of survival, often being able to defeat groups of three or four enemies. The Berserker, however, is very weak at long range, and can often be killed by enemy Mages. It has also got several heavy AoE skills, such as Ground Slam. You are also able to buff yourself with Bloodlust and use an AoE spell to completely restore your health if this combo is performed correctly. It is also the only class that can activate a speed buff, which can be used to strafe or to escape your enemies.

Wounding Strike Edit

The first skill of the Berserker strongly resembles the ability of the Herobrine class in Mega Walls, which is basically dealing insta-damage with one click. The Wounding Strike can be used by right-clicking with your weapon, and only if your opponent is in normal hit range. The Wounding Strike will only strike a single target, and it can also hit enemies behind your back. This skills also applies a debuff on the target, which is called Bleeding. Bleeding reduces the ammount of all healing received by 50%, and does not deal damage over time. The debuff vanishes in three seconds after the ability had been used, so the enemy's energy would be recharged enough to use another Wounding Strike.

Seismic Wave Edit

The second skill of the Berserker launches a minor earthquake from your feet to the direction you are pointing at. The earthquake will damage all enemies in its path, and quickly stop existing. The Seismic Wave can deliver a very large ammount of critical damage due to its high crit chance. Furthermore, the Berserker hasn't got strong ranged attacks, like the Pyromancer, but this attack increases the chance to successfully hunt a fleeing enemy down. The downside to this ability is its high energy cost, meaning that you cannot use your Wounding Strike while building up energy for this ability.

Ground Slam Edit

The third skill of the Berserker is an excellent AoE damage-dealer, which creates a small ground blast in your area, severely damaging all enemies caught in its radius. This skill, in combination with Bloodlust, can be used while standing in a very large group of enemies to almost completely restore your health, and to deal grievous damage to all enemies standing in that area. It is possible to dodge this skill by standing right next to the Berserker or by jumping in the air when he activates the ability.

Bloodlust Edit

The fourth skill of the Berserker is a very strong buff, which converts at least 50% of the damage you are dealing into healing. Although you barely notice the impact of this skill while using your basic attacks, using your offensive abilities will replenish a very large sum of your health, allowing you to last longer in battle. This skill can be combined with a lot of abilities(see Tips and Tricks heading) to become nearly invincible for a short duration of time, and allowing you to take on large groups of enemies and to come out victorious. The ability will also grant you a red glowing aura.

Berserk Edit

The ultimate skill of the Berserker is a buff and a debuff : you deal at least 20% more damage, and your speed is increased by ten percent, but the damage you take while this skill is active is also increased by 10%. Because of the extra damage it deals, a combination with Bloodlust and an offensive skill is advised to remove the effects of the debuff. When activated, the Angry Villager particles will appeaar above your head for the duration of this skill.

Tips and Tricks Edit

The Berserker's skills are closely linked to eachother, so a large ammount of different ability combinations will become available. This section will showcase the good combinations, but also the bad combinations.

- Remember to always use your skills in this order : Berserk-Bloodlust-Ground Slam. Spare your Seismic Wave for the right moment, which is to finish a fleeing enemy. The Berserk will grant you a nice damage and speed buff, while the Bloodlust will immediately negate the negative effects of the Berserk, and the Ground Slam will restore your health. The Wounding Strikes can be used after performing this combo.

- The Ground Slam can be used to catch up on enemies if they are standing on higher ground, because that skill will lift the ground, so they will be unable to move for a moment.

- The Seismic Wave is not a good sniping ability. Other players on horses could easily evade this skill, and Mages can activate their Time Warp to dodge the ability. The best thing to do with this ability is to quickly dispatch running enemies. If you decide to use your ability, you should use Berserk first, because the extra speed will allow you to place the Seismic Wave better. Remember : do not aim the Seismic Wave under someone's feet, but aim for their heads instead. Aiming for someone's feet will deal absolutely no damage

- When running away, using Ground Slam will create an AoE effect behind you, knocking back pursuers.

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