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Cryomancer Edit

  • Cryomancer is a Hybrid Hero. This means he excels at a range and up close.
  • Cryomancer costs 25,000 coins to unlock.

[1]: Frostbolt

Frostbolt shoots out a small ball of ice from your sword that deals a good amount of damage and has an AOE. Although it travels slowly compared to other projectiles in the game, if it hits someone it applies the Slowness effect for a short amount of time. This can be extremely useful for strafing opponents up close in melee range.

[2]: Freezing Breath

Freezing Breath sends a cone of snow particles in the direction you are facing that reaches up to 6 blocks long. This ability deals one of the highest amounts of damage in the game and even more while combined with it's Passive. Like the Frostbolt, it also gives the Slowness effect when it hits someone. Combine this with [1] and some melee hits and you can do amazing combos.

[3] Smash Ability: Ice Barrier

When activated you get surrounded by a thick coat of snow particles and dripping water for 12 seconds. During this time your ability cooldowns are cut in half and you take a lot less damage. This Smash Ability is great for finishing off other players low on health, being able to tank a lot of hits, and countering other Smashes.

Passive: Arctic Aura

This is a passive skill for Cryomancer. For every single game you play as Cryomancer there is a 3x3 area of snow particles under your feet that, when using your [1] and [2] abilities, deal extra damage. This is useful when performing combos up close.


  1. Freezing Breath does not require as much accuracy as Frostbolt; Use this to spike opponents.
  2. Since Cryomancer does not have a recovery, it's recommended you stay in the middle of the stage.
  3. When you alternate between left and right click it's called "Butterfly Clicking." Butterfly click to land melee hits and Frostbolts. Also a really good way to fill up your Final Smash.

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