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On the Wiki, there are several ranks that are available for the public to gain. The following ranks availale are: Bureaucrat, Administrator, Rollbacker, Forum Moderator, and Chat Moderator. The Bureaucratic position is elected upon by the public.

Access Levels Available

1st: Bureaucrat

  • If the Wiki community feels like another Bureaucrat is needed, they will be voted for and chosen. Bureaucrat no longer has an edit or time requirement, only trust will determine this position.

2nd: Administrator

  • Requirements:
  1. Rollbacker
  2. 1000 edits
  3. 4 active months on this Wiki

3rd: Rollbacker

  • Requirements:
  1. Moderator
  2. 500 edits
  3. 3 active months on this Wiki

4th: Forum Moderator

  • Requirements:
  1. Chat Moderator
  2. 250 edits
  3. 2 active months on this Wiki

5th: Chat Moderator

  • Requirements:
  1. Autoconfirmed User
  2. 100 edits
  3. 1 active month on this wiki


Users applying for a wiki staff position must have an active time of one month on the wiki to begin applying for a position. While users do not have to have a clear history regarding our rules, users should apply no sooner than 1 month prior to the violation. Frequent edits and activity is neccessary to provide the contributions and responsibility of a staff member to the Wiki. Requirements are assessed with the Bureaucrats and having all the requirements does not automatically give you the right to be an Admin.

Violating given positions

Any rank that violates their permissions, or abuses them, is automatically suspect to being suspended/demoted their rank.

Rights Requests

Add your request here by pressing edit on the respective level.

Administrator Requests

Rollbacker Requests

Forum Moderator Requests

Chat Moderator Requests



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