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 MVP+ Edit

MVP+ is the highest rank available in the Hypixel store. MVP+ cost 150$, in 2016 60$ and 50$ in a flash sale and is the most expensive rank on the Hypixel network. In the UK, MVP+ can cost anywhere from £20 to £60 depending on if you have a different rank at the time of purchase.

Basic MVP+ Only Features Edit

  • Aqua Name-Tag
  • All MVP features (click here> [1])
  • Ride and control pets
  • Punch staff in the sky
  • /pp
  • /rankcolor (Only for MVP+)
  • 75% discount housing plot upgrade
  • 75% discount crafted mystery boxes
  • Can open all * Mystery Boxes

MVP+ Exclusive Global Cosmetics Edit

  • All MVP cosmetics (click here> [2])
  • Cowboy gadget
  • Roll Over Gadget
  • When Pigs Fly Gadget
  • Catapult Gadget
  • Teleport stick gadget
  • iPixel Gadget
  • Mob Gun Gadget
  • Ender Pulse Animated Hat
  • Rainbow Girl Animated Hat
  • Demon Eyes Animated Hat
  • Derpy Eyes Animated Hat
  • Slime Particle Pack
  • Drip Lava Particle Pack
  • Drip Water Particle Pack
  • Note Particle Pack
  • Heart Particle Pack
  • Happy Villager Particle Pack
  • Angry Villager Particle Pack
  • Enchantment Table Particle Pack

MVP+ Exclusive Cops & Crims Cosmetics Edit

  • Bandana and Mask (350 coins.)
  • Skullaclava (350 coins.)
  • Tactical Tomohawk (Free.)
  • Bowie Knife (Free.)
  • Enchanted Bowie Knife (Free.)
  • COLT M1911 - Pistol (Free.)
  • P90 - SMG (Free.)
  • AK-100 - Rifle (Free.)
  • AK-100 Plus - Rifle (Free.)
  • Spray - Red Creeper (300 coins.)
  • Spray - Blue Ocelot (300 coins.)
  • Spray - MVP+ FTW (300 coins.)
  • Spray - Headshot (300 coins.)
  • Spray - #REKT (300 coins.)

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