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Mystery Boxes are the only other way to obstain cosmetics without buying them from the Server Store. Each one grants one cosmetic, a suit (one of 4 armor pieces), a housing item, a gadget, a hat, a morph, a pet, or pet items.

Buying Mystery BoxesEdit

Mystery boxes can be purchased from the store. There are 4 bundles total, with each containing increasingly rarer guaranteed boxes. Any rank can open the 4 and 5 star boxes bought from here, unlike in-game. All prices are subject to change.

Basic Mystery Box Bundle - $4.99   Comes with 5 mystery boxes, and no guaranteed rarer boxes.

Advanced Mystery Box Bundle - $12.99   Comes with 10 mystery boxes, and 1 GUARANTEED 4-star box.

Epic Mystery Box Bundle - $17.99   Comes with 20 mystery boxes, and 1 GUARANTEED 5-star box.

Ultimate Mystery Box Bundle - $44.99   Comes with 50 mystery boxes, and 3 GUARANTEED 5-star boxes, and 3 GUARANTEED 4-star boxes.

All of these prices are subject to change, due to sales or price reductions in the server shop.

Special Mystery Boxes Edit

Durring certain holidays, Hypixel releases special Mystery Boxes. Currently, there have been four different mystery box types. The first special mystery box was released on October 11, 2015 and were called Halloween Mystery Boxes. Halloween Mystery Boxes were obtainable from their initial release to November 2nd at 12:00 AM. The second Mystery Box type were called Holiday Mystery Boxes. Holiday Mystery Boxes were released on December 4, 2015. Holiday Mystery Boxes were available to claim until early Janurary. Every day until December 25, 2015, VIPs, and MVPs were able to claim up to 25 Holiday Boxes. The third Mystery Boxes are the Valentine's Mystery Boxes. These Mystery Boxes were released three days ahead of Valentine's Day. February 15, 2016. The last of the four special mystery boxes are the Summer Mystery Boxes. The Summer Mystery Boxes were released on June 1, 2016 and are currently available till August 1, 2016. VIPs and MVPs are able to claim up to 50 Summer Boxes.

These boxes can also be bought in the server shop, normally for the same price as regular Mystery Boxes.

Opening and CraftingEdit

Opening a mystery box will give you 1 random cosmetic item, a common, rare, epic, or legendary item. The 1-star box has the lowest chance of getting a rarer item, and the 5-star has the best chance. You can also craft these boxes using mystery dust. Mystery dust is obtained when you get an item you already have, not including pet items. You will get a varying amount of this dust depending on how rare the item you received a double of is. You can use this mystery dust to create a mystery box, there is only two out right now. At least 1 more boxes are planned to be released in the future; however, the date is not known yet. The price to create this mystery box varies depending on what rank you are:

Default - 500 Mystery Dust

VIP - 250 Mystery Dust

MVP - 150 Mystery Dust

You can also spend 2,000 Hypixel Credits to get a 3-star mystery box. This can be done 10 times a day(originally once per day). 

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