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Notch, the opposite of herobrine. THis class is a (possible) hero in megawalls in the distant years.It will rely on strength wise and earthquake like abilities and is a good support, tank class. A similar class to pigman. The abilities it could possibly hve would include Impossible leap.It can sometimes be a class based on luck.These aren't likely the real abilities of notch though there will likely be a notch class

Impossible Leap

This is like the spider ability accept it causes a large seismic wave and takes off to a higher ground.This is a good get away ability but takes a long time to charge.Anyone caught in the seismic wave will recieve up to 15 true dmg and will push them back,giving them blindness for 1 second.If an ally is caught in this,they will leap with the notch class and recieve no fall dmg.this will also create a crater below Notch.

Creator's touch(Gathering ability)

When mining ores you have up to a 20% chance to instantly break the following 3 blocks behind the ore.

Creator's rage

up to 6 % chance of getting resistance 1 and strength 1 for 3.5 seconds on hit.

God's hand

Up to 8% chance of healing nearby allies for 4 health on hit.


Lv 1: Iron sword + Leather chestplate + 2 steak

Lv 2: Iron sword + gold chestplate + 2 steak

Lv 3: Iron sword + iron chest + 2 steak + 1 speed pot

Lv 4:Diamond sword + iron chest+ 2 steak + 1 speed pot + 1 regeneration III pot

Lv 5:Diamond sword + iron chest + 2 steak + 2 speed pot + 1 regeneration III pot

Lv 6: Diamond sword + iron chest (protection 1)+ 3 steak + 2 speed pot + 1 regeneration III pot

Lv 7:Diamond sword + iron chest (protection 2) + 3 steak + 2 speed pot + 2 regeneration III pot

Lv 8:Diamond sword +Diamond chest + 3 steak + 2 speed pot + 2 regeneration III pot

Lv 9: Diamond sword + Diamond chest (protection 1) + 3 steak + 2 speed pot + 2 regeneration III pot+ 1 slowness III pot

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