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"Players are divided into two teams of varying colours which can be chosen by typing '/team (colour)' in the waiting room. These teams have a varying number of starting lives, usually 120 (these are influenced by the godmother perk) , and the first team to reduce the other team's lives to 0, wins. There are multiple perks to buy and plenty of powerups you can purchase in game. Every kill gives you gold nuggets which is the currency of the powerups."

Paintball Warfare is a team shooter game where two opposing teams shoot paintballs at each other to diminish the other team's number of lives. Players can activate powerups by spending killcoins, which the player can earn by killing enemies.


Two teams, each containing between 8 and 16 players (depending on the map), are set on opposite ends of a map. The player spawns with a set amount of snowballs to throw at the enemy. Player that are hit by enemy snowballs are sent back to spawn. Additionally, the amount of lives for their team is decreased by one. When a team reaches 0 lives, the opposing team wins.

Each kill grants the killer a killcoin, which can be used to purchase killstreaks (powerups). Killstreaks vary from granting temporary powers (such as the ability to throw three snowballs at once) to killing all opponents.


  • Siege
  • Mansion
  • Swamps
  • Desert
  • Egypt
  • Outback
  • Market
  • Oh Canada!
  • Gladiator
  • Octagon
  • Courtyard
  • Juice
  • Boletus
  • Babyland
  • LaLaLand
  • Aztec

This list is incomplete. You can help by adding to it.

Default Powerups Edit

Name Killcoin cost Effect when activated
Strong Arm 4 Throw snowballs farther for the next 30 seconds
+3 5 Regain 3 team lives
RAMBO 10 Dying does not decrease your team's lives for the next 30 seconds.
Ammo 3 Gives you 32 paintballs
LEEROY JENKINS 5 Spawns 30 chickens on the enemy spawn
Revenge 10 Kill the player who killed you last
Team Ammo 5 Gives everyone on your team 32 paintballs

Paintball Warfare ShopEdit


Name Killcoin cost Effect when activated Cost to unlock (Paintball Coins)
Flashbang 2 Gives you a grenade that blinds enemies within 10 blocks 2500
Triple Shot 3 Throw 3 paintballs at once for the next 30 seconds 2500
Creeper Head 8 Spawns creepers that attack opponents 2500
TNT Rain 10 Rains TNT upon enemies 2500
+10 (Lives) 15 Regains 10 team lives Unknown
Nuke 25 Kill all enemies (except those under respawn protection) 5500
Super Strong Arm 7 Throw snowballs much farther for the next 30 seconds 2500
Lightning 12 Strikes down enemies within 10 blocks 2500
Ender Pearl 15 Teleports you to where you were last killed 2500
Ender Eye 15 Swap places with a random enemy 2500
Force Field 50 Reflect back paintballs for 15 seconds. 6500
Bomber Man 18 Explode all enemies within 20 blocks, as well as yourself 2500
Backstab 5 Teleport to where your next kill dies 2500
Sentry 7 Spawn a sentry that shoots snowballs at opponents for 10 seconds 2500
Quintuple Shot 9 Shoot 5 paintballs simultaneously for the next 15 seconds 5000
Landmine 3 Spawn a landmine under your feet 2500


Name Effect Cost
TNT Hat: 10% to drop TNT on death. 4200
Speed Hat: Permament Speed II Boost. 2000
Snow Hat: Spawn with 64 extra snowballs. 4200
Hard Hat: 1/2 speed and 2x life. 4200
Ender Hat: 10% to teleport randomly instead of death. 4200
Hat of Darkness: Enemies within 5 blocks are blinded! 4200
Trololol Hat: Constantly drop diamonds, trololol! 4200
Normal Hat: Permament Night Vision and Firework snowballs! 2000
Drunk Hat: Permament Nausea and unlimited snowballs. 4200
Squid Hat: Drop squids on your enemies. 4200
Spider Hat: Snowballs leave webs when near enemies 4200
Shaky Hat: Snowballs move in a wave pattern 4200
AgentK Hat: Sneak to change your armor to the enemy color! 75000
kevinkool Hat: Sneak for 5s Barrage of snowballs with a 70s cooldown. 75000
Rezzus Hat: Sneak for 5s of Homing snowballs with a 70s cooldown. 75000
Mystery Hat: Sneak for 5s of Area of Effect Damage with a 70s cooldown. 75000
hypixel Hat: Sneak for 5s invisibilty with a 60s cooldown! 75000
codename_B Hat: Sneak for 5s invincibility with a 70s cooldown! 75000
PaintballKitty Hat: Gives you Speed II; sneak for 5s of Speed III with a 65s cooldown! 75000
NoxyD Hat: Increase Spawn protection from 5 seconds to 8 seconds 50000
Ghost Hat: 20% chance to survive a hit! 50000


Name Description X Cost (Paintball Coins)
Godfather Your team starts with X extra lives! 1/2/3/4/ ?/?/15000/20000/
Endurance X% Boost to any timed kill streak! 3/6/.../150 7500/
Superluck X% chance to get +10 snowballs per kill! 5/10/.../100 ?/?/?/?/?/?/1750
Fortune X% chance to get an extra Killcoin per kill 5/10/15/.../100 ?/?/3000/
Adrenaline Adds 1 level of speed for Xs on respawn 1/2/.../10 10000/?
Transfusion Convert X% of your leftover killcoins to coins after a game. ?/?/?/95/140 ?/?/?/7500/12000
Headstart Allows you to start with an extra X killcoins each game 1/2/3/4/5 12500/25000/?/70000/?

Cosmetic UpgradesEdit

None currently

Quests Master Edit


Type Title Description Rewards
Daily Paintballer Win a game of Paintball 2000 Hypixel Experience, 3000 Paintball Warfare Coins, 10 Hypixel Credits
Paintball Killer Kill 100 players in Paintball 2000 Hypixel Experience, 3000 Paintball Warfare Coins, 10 Hypixel Credits
Weekly Paintball Expert 1. Kill 750 players in Paintball

2. Play 30 games of Paintball

12500 Hypixel Experience, 20000 Paintball Warfare Coins, 200 Hypixel Credits
To view more quests, click here.


Title Description Rewards
Kill Streak Challenge Use 5 killstreaks in a single match. 2400 Hypixel Experience
Killing Spree Challenge Get 5 kills within 10 Seconds. 2400 Hypixel Experience
Nuke Challenge Get at least 8 kills with a Nuke. 2400 Hypixel Experience
Finish Challenge Get the last kill in a match. 2400 Hypixel Experience
To view more challenges, click here.

Tips and TricksEdit


TODO: I think map specific strategies would help, since some strategies can only be used on one map.


- Although FORCEFIELD may seem extremely expensive for what it's worth, it is very useful for winning and at times, profitable. After FORCEFIELD ends, one can use ENDERPEARL and LIGHTNING together for even more kills.

- Nuke is usually most effective after getting nuked. This will allow your team to control the map more.


- Since +10 has a superior lives/kc over +3, it is recommended to save killcoins for +10 instead of using them on +3, unless the player's team is in immediate danger of losing.

- Against an active enemy with FORCEFIELD activated, use REVENGE to kill them. If said player lacks killcoins, they cannot use ENDERPEARL to get back.

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