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The Delivery Man was introduced to Hypixel on May 1, 2015. It made it easier for people to vote, receive monthly bonuses, and link their accounts. You can access him in any lobby near the game signs. He currently has 10 delivery boxes, of which two can only be claimed once and one is disabled.

Delivery boxes Edit

Hypixel Credits Delivery Edit

Delivery Boxes-0

The top row of deliveries in the Delivery Man is dedicated to monthly deliveries. The deliveries go as follows:

Default: 500 Hypixel Credits for free each month.

VIP: 2500 Hypixel Credits for free each month plus the Default Hypixel Credits delivery.

VIP+: 2500 Hypixel Credits for free each month plus Default, and VIP Hypixel Credits deliveries.

MVP: 2500 Hypixel Credits for free each month plus Default, VIP, and VIP+ Hypixel Credits deliveries.

MVP+: 2500 Hypixel Credits for free each month plus the other four Hypixel Credits deliveries.

Vote Deliveries Edit

Players may vote once or twice a day. The reward for voting is 5000 exp, and 3000 arcade coins per vote. This box resets daily and can be used by all players. The known voting sites are as follows:

  • Minecraft MCS (
  • Minecraft MS (
  • Minecraft Forum (
  • Minecraft MP (

Survey Question Edit

Players can answer a survey in the chat. The reward is 10000 exp and arcade coins. This is only used when staff decides to create a survey and can be used by all players. The survey question box is currently disabled.

2.000 XP Delivery Edit

By clicking on this box, players can earn a free daily reward of 2000 exp.

Booster Deliveries: Edit

There are two delivery boxes that contain personal booster. One of the boxes is currently disabled. This box was a weekly deliver and contained a personal double coins booster that is activated when the player clicks on the box. The other booster delivery is the two free quad boosters for four hours. This box can only be used once, and you will gain the boosters after you like Hypixel's Facebook page.

Holiday BoxesEdit

Occasionally during certain holidays such as Valentines or Christmas, the Hypixel Team will likely include extra bonuses in the Delivery Man for free to players. For example, on Valentines 2016 there were 3 mystery boxes awarded for each rank you had obtained so far (VIP+ gets 6, MVP+ gets 12.) The higher the rank, the higher the stars of the mystery boxes.

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