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Throw out was a game in the Arcade Games, however it is no longer available.

Throw out was a game consisting of 16 players per game. The goal of the game was to get the most kills within the four minutes, whoever got the most kills won. To gain kills, players had to knock other players off the map with their stick. Everytime a player was hit by a stick, they were knocked off the map. The stick starts off with 0% knockback but as you knock more people off the map, it will gradually go up to 100% knockback. The more players you knock off the map, the more knockback you obtain. You can see how much knockback you have gotten by looking at your XP bar.

You spawn in an ice-covered surface to make it easier for your character to slide. In the first round everyone will be disguised as a pig, this disguise will be removed once you died.

There is a powerup called "MEGA PUNCH" that spawns in the middle of the map. Picking it up will greatly increase how much knockback you give out to people. You are given abilities including double jump (tap twice) and Speed II. 

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