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Housing update

Typical update announcement picture


Typical teaser for new update/release

Hypixel is growing and growing and getting more updates with focused content. This page is all about displaying the updates, so you can go and read about them! To make it easy to navigate, we are gonna have 'Major Updates', 'Minor Patches' and 'Events'. Major Updates contents releases of minigames or HUGE minigame updates. Minor Updates are less important and Events are just events, like Halloween.

Major UpdatesEdit

Year Month Title
2015 October Oct 14: Adventure Lobby return, Oct 7: Party Games 3 release
September Sep 24: Housing release
August Aug 22: The Mystery Update
July Jul 25: Warlords TDM release, Jul 17: Pixel Painters release
June Jun 14: SkyWars release
May May 22: Turbo Kart Racers release,May 2: Delivery Man
April Apr 30: Website update, Apr 29: Build Battle Teams release, Apr 11: Build Battle release, Apr 4: Galaxy Wars release
February Feb 21: Warlords open beta release
2014 December Dec 20: UHC Champions release
November Nov 30: Delicious update
September Sep 28: Cops and Crims release
July Jul 26: August update - EULA Changes
June Jun 28: The Arcade Games release, Jun 21: Dragon Wars release
May May 27: The Arcade Games beta release, May 14: Quest update
March Mar 22: Arena Brawl public beta release
January Jan 27: Guild release
2013 December Dec 9: Mega Walls public beta release
November Nov 15: The Walls 3 (Mega Walls) beta release
July Jul 30: TNT Wizards release
June Jun 19: Paintball Warfare 2.0 update release
May May 27: Adventure Lobby release, May 19: Paintball Warfare release
April Apr 23: The Walls release, Apr 16: Bow Spleef release, Apr 13: Open beta

Minor UpdatesEdit

Year Month Title
2015 October Oct 13: Housing update, Oct 8: SkyWars maps, Oct 3: Quakecraft update
September Sep 29: SkyWars maps, Sep 22: Mega Walls update
August Aug 15: New Main lobby
June Jun 27: SkyWars maps, Jun 11: UHC Champions update, Jun 10: TNT Games update
May May 16: Build Battle update, May 7: Shaman (Warlords class), May 4: Warlords update
April Apr 27: Mega Walls update, Apr 18: Build Battle update, Apr 3: Blitz Survival Games update
March Mar 6: Warlords update
February Feb 27: Warlords update, Feb 25: Warlords update, Feb 25: Warlords update, Feb 23: Warlords update
2014 December Dec 8: Blitz Survival Games update, Dec 7: Paintball Warfare update, Dec 6: VampireZ update
November Nov 23: New Blitz Survival Games maps, Nov 3: Mega Walls update
September Sep 18: Mega Walls update
July Jul 21: Pigman (Mega Walls class), Jul 9: New Blitz Survival Games maps, Jul 8: New TNT Games maps
June Jun 7: Mega Walls update
April Apr 27: New VampireZ maps
March Mar 31: New maps, Mar 18: Arena Brawl beta update
January Jan 25: Egypt (Mega Walls map), Jan 9: Peaks (Blitz Survival Games map)
2013 December Dec 6: Valley (Blitz Survival Games map)
November Nov 25: Loveland (The Walls map), Nov 23: Caleum (Blitz Survival Games map)
October Oct 30: New main lobby, Oct 18: New maps, Oct 12: Frostbite (TNT Run map)
August Aug 27: Aztec (The Walls map), Aug 19: New TNT Run map, Aug 10: New TNT Wizards map
July Jul 12: K'Tulu Island (Blitz Survival Games map), Jul 10: Castle (The Walls map)
June Jun 27: Egypt (Paintball Warfare map), Jun 22: Grim Thorin (Blitz Survival Games map), Jun 22: Candyland (The Walls map), Jun 11: Mithril (Blitz Survival Games map), Jun 1: Fantasy (The Walls map)
May May 31: Faarah (Quakecraft map), May 27: Herobrine and Mansion (Painball Warfare maps), May 17: New Bow Spleef map, May 12: Dwarven Tomb (The Walls map)
April Apr 30: Oasis (The Walls map), Apr 28: Hustwood (Quakecraft map), Apr 26: Nether (The Walls map), Apr 24: Wasteland (The Walls map)

Events Edit

Year Title
2015 Oct 9 - Nov 2: Halloween 2015, Apr 1: Warlords Horse update
2014 Dec 24: Merry Christmas

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