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The Watchdog Cheat Detection system is Hypixel's custom anti-cheat system. The Watchdog works in a way to actively collect data about a user and use that information to determine whether that player, or other players, hacks. Every 30 to 120 minutes, Watchdog automatically performs "ban waves", which bans any suspected hackers from the Hypixel Network. The system is unique because it can catch hackers that may normally seem undetectable. The system runs on a constantly learning computer system, where it gathers information about the difference between what is a hacked client and what is a regular modded or vanilla client. Using this, Watchdog can constantly keep up with any new hacks that are being developed, meaning that WatchDog is always getting better over time.

If you use any modifications and you would like to see what is allowed, please see the Allowed Modificationsthread on the forums.

Appeal(s) Edit

To appeal a Watchdog Cheat Detection ban follow the instructions here:

Trivia Edit

  • Prior to its release, Hypixel nicknamed it "The Beast".
  • During Watchdog's early phases, it only completed ban waves every 24 hours. This has been changed to much more frequent waves recently.

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